Tap 'N' Run race brings more business to downtown Bakersfield

The Tap 'N' Run event is the first of many to come

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Downtown Business Association has teamed up with JAMActive to host the first annual Tap 'N' run race in downtown Bakersfield, Saturday. 

Tap 'N' Run is not your average race, but is attracting more business to the downtown area. 

The event features crazy costumes, three "beer-chug" stations, and a whole lot of "ridiculousness," as the event's website calls it. 

Looking for more ways to liven up downtown, the association is sponsoring the race as its first event in a long line-up of events this month.

Representatives of the association believe this will help bring business to shops and restaurants in the area and will help people realize their love for downtown again. 

The events starts at 1 p.m. near 19th Street and Chester Avenue down the Wall Street alley. 

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