Downtown courthouse closes parking lot for reconstruction

Lot closed for renovations until February

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - If you're headed downtown anytime soon, you may want to leave your house a little early -- because hundreds of parking spots have disappeared.

The Justice Building Parking Lot -- which is located behind the courthouse at 1215 Truxtun Avenue -- will be closed starting Monday, November 4th until mid-February.

The overhaul includes rotating parking spots 90 degrees, special drop-off lanes for cars to pick up and drop off court customers and a complete re-surfacing.

Officials said the changes will improve the flow of traffic as well as safety for everyone walking to and from their cars.

In the meantime, public parking will be available in the jury services parking lot, Chester Avenue & 14th Street, K St. & 14th St. behind Kern County Mental Health, Rabobank Arena's parking lot and at the Beale Memorial Library.

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