Downtown events help attract visitors while supporting area businesses

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Events throughout the downtown area are not only creating a safe, secure and welcoming place for visits, but it’s helping boost Bakersfield’s economy.

Mirna Pfeil is looking forward to First Friday every month, now that she’s running her business in the heart of Bakersfield.

“I like the vibe downtown,” said Pfeil who owns Sweet Cheeks Waxing and Spa.

Having regular events downtown helps introduce people to businesses and prepares future owners to set up show downtown.

“The culture from the downtown area, the architecture I think its beautiful here, just the people that we have coming through the downtown area are just phenomenal,” she said.

The Downtown Business Association is working to develop a project that offers people a reason to visit and visit often.

“It’s time to create a specific plan for downtown and create more housing, bring employees and business back to the heart of the city,” said Cathy Butler, president of the Downtown Business Association.

More foot traffic, means downtown businesses can flourish while improving the local economy.

“We have a lot to offer and we can bring them downtown but we want them to think shopping and supporting the downtown business,” she said.

Recent construction around the city is offering downtown visitors better access to businesses and laying a foundation for the future.

“We have the restaurants, the salons, the bars, a lot of art galleries which I think are fantastic. We’re going to be the next, I think, small Los Angeles already we have freeways being built,” said Jose Duran, co-owner of Curl Up and Dye Salon.

This weekend, the DBA is helping organize the “tap and run,” an event kicking off its month-long list of events here in downtown Bakersfield.


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