Drought pushes restaurants to retire water off the menu

Efforts put in place to conserve water

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - California's drought is getting very serious — so serious that restaurants across the state are starting to conserve on water. 

"We just decided as of last Thursday - I think - to begin only serving water upon request," said Claire Uricchio, owner of Urichhio's Trattoria in downtown Bakersfield.

For years, her staff has been told to automatically bring water to their customers — whether they ask for it or not.

But with the current drought situation, she says it doesn't make sense to waste all that water that her customers often don't drink.

"We did have a couple of costumers who were surprised earlier in the week that were still offering water so you know, they helped us make that decision actually,"

Uricchio hopes that her decision will encourage other local restaurants to conserve as well, because she says every little bit counts.


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