Dry winter brings early fire season

Wildfire preparedness

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A drier than normal winter in California could mean an early start to the fire season.

 However, with the recent rains we have had, you might not be thinking about fire safety. But the Kern County Fire Department said now is the time to start thinking ahead.

"Every year we talk about defensible space and every year the fire department tries to relay the message that you need to knock down the vegetation around your house," said Corey Wilford of the Kern County Fire Department.

 National Weather Service said many areas throughout California are well below the average rainfall for this time of the year.

Cal Fire officials said we could start seeing wildfires fire's by the end of the month.

"Around town we see a lot of short grass that is already dead and is ready to burn. Then, you have the grass that recent rains have brought. So, we are actually getting a double dose of the grass in the area. Twice the fuel loading," said Wilford.

 Although experts said it is too early to predict how bad this year’s fire season could be, the ongoing drought is a concern.

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