Dust bowl history displayed through model car at Kern County Fair

Car resembles those driven in 1930

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A local man is teaching fair-goers about the Dust Bowl era  through a fabricated 1930's model Ford being displayed at the Kern County Fair, this year. 

The display by Jack Loucks is set to teach people of the era when thousands of people were forced to leave their farms from the southern plains to settle in Kern County. 

"I love the history of it, my family came out from Oklahoma and Missouri through the dust bowl," said Liz Mahan, who was impressed by the display. 

The car depicts many of the items that were needed by families in order to survive during that time, including, a washing machine placed behind the trunk of the car. 

"It's really more representative of what they had, because they not only had to move a whole family, they had to move all of their stuff and they had to live on the road," said Terry Willey , who traveled to Kern County to visit the display. 

The car has been displayed at museums and schools year round, because Louck want to educated people on the history on our county. 

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