East Bakersfield High School, 6,000 alumni, friends, family celebrating 75th anniversary

EBHS is the second-oldest in Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Six thousand people celebrated East Bakersfield High School's 75th anniversary.

The home of the Blades is the second-oldest high school in Bakersfield. Reunion organizers said alumni of all ages were there--even people from the very first graduating class of 1941.

"You know those old timers when they come back it's amazing because when they went to school here it was just a school surrounded by fields, orchards and farm land," said Rick Van Horne, event coordinator.

"I grew up on this land because I was the first freshman class president in the history of this school so everything means something to me," said Pat Rhodes, 1938 freshman class president.

The school went back in time by covering the campus in memories and also giving tours to alumni.

The event ended with the homecoming football game.


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