Elderly Bakersfield man being forced out of his home

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - An elderly man in Southeast Bakersfield is being forced out of his home after County Code Compliance deemed the house unlivable.

Herbert Jackson has lived in the home since 1950. Leaving behind a lifetime of memories, including raising seven kids and losing his wife. Now he is facing the possibility of being homeless.

"This is a nightmare, I have nowhere to go," said Jackson.

In 2008, a fire destroyed his electrical system and Code Compliance posted a restricted access notice then.

The 85-year-old has been living in the home without electricity since then.

However, recently the water was turned off. Code Compliance received a complaint and started the legal proceedings to deem the house uninhabitable.

Some of Jackson's friends were helping him remove his belongings as compliance workers were boarding up the house.

County Code Compliance says when deputies arrived this morning and served the notice, Jackson told them he had a place to go.

When 23ABC asked Jackson about his situation, he said he had nowhere to go.

23ABC contacted Kern County Aging and Adult Services who sent social workers to meet with Jackson this morning.

The agency will determine what help is available for Jackson and get him into temporary housing.


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