Elderly woman found shot to death inside her Northwest home

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - UPDATE: Police have identified the shooter has Dylan McNabb, 19, of Bakersfield.  Anyone with information is urged to contact BPD at (661) 327-7111 or Det. Kroeker at (661) 326-3546.

Bakersfield Police officers are investigating a homicide in the Northwest.  They say a woman was shot inside her home.

The woman is described to be in her 70's and the person responsible may be a family member.

Bakersfield Police closed off portions of Mohican Drive and Bronco Avenue Sunday as they investigate the homicide.

"I really don't know what happened inside.  All I know is I came home and two cops were tackling someone in front of my house.  Another car swarm in and told me to get into my house. They had the man on his back and they were trying to control him," said neighbor Erica Spurling.

Investigators say the victim was found shot to death.  It's unclear what type of weapon was used or where she was wounded.  According to investigators, a young man was found, near the house.  They say he is a person of interest and may be close to the victim.

"The person who we have, detained at this point is possibly a family member," said Sgt. Frank Gonzales of the Bakersfield Police Department.

Frank Espinosa lives near by and may have heard the gun being fired while he was riding his bicycle in the neighborhood.  Espinosa says the home located on the 10,000 block of Mohican Drive is a place that sometimes has unusual activity.

"I use to see a bunch of junk out there in the front yard," he said.

Over the past year, things at the home have worsen causing big concerns for people living close by.

"I'm a little nervous because that stuff doesn't really happen in this neighborhood. I lived here my whole life and it just doesn't happen here," said Spurling.

Other neighbors who did not want to appear on camera say they've never had any problems at that particular home.

Officials have not released the name of the victim nor the suspect they have in custody.


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