Eleven cats trapped inside a foreclosed home in east Bakersfield

Foreclosed home locked up with cats still inside

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Losing your home to foreclosure can be devastating, but losing your pets with it can make matters worse.

Radio personality Doug DeRoo told 23 ABC that he is currently facing this situation. On Monday, his home was locked by the sheriff's department and DeRoo had left his eleven cats behind.

The sheriff's department said state law mandates that the property owners take care of any animals left behind.

The legal property owners, Bank of America, didn't take the right steps to ensure the safety of the animals and now there is an investigation as to who is at fault for locking the animals in the home.

DeRoo said he tried to rescue the animals by calling on rescue groups including animal control but was told no one could break the lock and get the animals inside.

After a series of phone calls from 23 ABC, animal control was able to search the property and rescue two kittens. They found a third kitten dead and the adult cats were too wild to catch. 

DeRoo said if you have animals you can't take care of you need to make sure that they are out of the house, otherwise you could find yourself in a similar situation. 

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