Experts from AAA recommend travel health insurance coverage when overseas

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Something you normally don't think about while planning a summer vacation-what if I get hurt?

Well you just might end up paying a lot of money out of pocket if you're injured out of the country.

"It's very rare. You have a great insurance policy if it covers you overseas," said Chere Smith.

Just two weeks ago, Brian Hodges out of Bakersfield was traveling with his wife in Cabo San Lucas. While zip-lining, Hodges crashed into a cliff going 40 miles an hour. The family had to pay 50-thousand dollars out of pocket in hospital fees. Officials with Omni Family Health say their insurance does international coverage and are currently processing the payment claims.

"We've had a lot more questions about purchasing trip insurance and we've also sold a lot more policies in the last week or so," said Smith.

Of course, travel experts advise you to check with your insurance carrier, to see what exactly they do cover.
The cost of overseas medical insurance depends on age, and how long you'll be gone for.

"So let's say the trip is between one thousand and fifteen hundred, the policy we sell here at the auto club if you're between the ages of 41 & 60, is 80 dollars," said Smith.

Travel insurance covers medical, emergency medical evacuation, trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delay, and luggage.

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