Experts give safety tips for kids around water as temperatures in Bakersfield rise

BAKERSFIELD - The drowning death of a toddler in Oildale on Monday shows how important swimming safety is as the weather starts to get hot.

Experts say drowning is the leading cause of death for children one to four years old, and the second leading cause for children up to age 14.

A major focus of McMurtrey Aquatic Center in Bakersfield is water safety.

Safety experts say water is a magnet for kids, and parents should always be on guard.

Safety experts say fences and life jackets are important safety gear but nothing is better than an eagle-eyed adult.

Experts also recommend getting your child swimming lessons as early as possible. They say swimming lessons decrease the chance of a child drowning by 88 percent.

McMurtrey offers reduced fee swim lessons for low-income families. Swim lessons can be as little as $5.

For more information on swim lessons offered by the city click here .

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