Exterminators blame drought for increase in bugs and insects inside homes

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Local exterminators are blaming the drought for an increase in bugs and insects found around residential homes this summer. 

According to Cory Killian with the Bakersfield Pest Control the warmer winters and lack of rain fall are causing these pest to show up earlier and leave later in the year. 

"Due to the drought that we've had and  the heat...it actually speeds up the reproductive cycle of these bugs and acts as an incubator," said Killian. 

While bugs and insects continue to be a problem every summer, Killian said this year business is even busier. 

On any given day exterminators at Bakersfield Pest Control can have up to 16 homes that they need to spray. 

"It's a fantastic tool for us because bugs don't know a recession and they don't care if it's dry out not...they just keep on coming," said Killian. 

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