Facebook removes local gun store owner's ad that features stars of Duck Dynasty

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - For the second time in a year a Bakersfield gun store owner has been banned from promoting his store on Facebook.

This time all it took was a picture of the stars of the popular reality TV show Duck Dynasty.

“There are no weapons, there are no sling shots, there's nothing,” said Gene Thome, owner of Bear Mountain Sports.

No weapons, but just minutes after Thome posted the picture Facebook pulled the ad.

"Right before I posted it I thought okay there's nothing offensive that I know unless people just don't like people with beards, but there are two guys holding duck calls. One looks like a cigar, but it's actually a duck call and I'm thinking what's offensive?”

Thome was using the picture to promote the store's Duck Dynasty products.

"All I said was I had my slogan up there that said we'll see ya at the bear."

But Facebook said the ad violated its guidelines by advertising the sale of weapons and this isn't the first time Thome has been targeted by the social networking site.

Last August Thome posted a picture of hunting decoy and that too was banned for being "offensive."

When 23ABC tried to find out why the picture was taken down Facebook sent 23ABC a link to their policy about ads for weapons.

23ABC also tried reaching out to Facebook about the Duck Dynasty ad, but has not heard back yet.

Thome is also waiting for an answer.

"As far as I know nothing we do would be considered bad. Maybe someone doesn't like hunters or people with beards I really don't know. I'm confused."

Thome told 23ABC he wasn't charged for the ad this time, but he believes his account has been blacklisted.


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