Family and friends of hit and run victim organize car washes to raise money for funeral costs

Remembering Anthony Saldana


The investigation into a hit and run incident that killed a 21-year-old man in Bakersfield continues and while authorities look for the vehicle involved, family and friends are raising money for his funeral services.

Loved ones are gathering this weekend for Anthony Saldana, who friends say was a giving person with a big heart and didn’t go anywhere without his skateboard.

Alice Miller is staying strong for her family as she copes with the sudden loss of her son.

“I have my moments, where every little thing just reminds me of him and I walk out my bedroom door and as soon as I walk out, I see his bedroom door and it’s really hard,” said Alice Miller, mother of Anthony Saldana

Saldana was killed in a late night hit and run accident in east Bakersfield.  Investigators with the California Highway Patrol say he was either walking or skateboarding on Niles street near Valencia drive when he was hit.

“It’s hard to take the news.  We all sit there and question, like out of all the good people in the world, why Anthony?” said friend, Mariah Zamora.

Friends are organizing several car washes to help cover funeral expenses as they remember his giving spirit and talent.

“It’s a big privilege to come out here, help out and do as much as I can for the family,” said Roman Vasquez, who was a friend of Saldana.

Saldana was very talented.   He often taught his friends, moves and for many, it was more than just a lesson on the skateboard.

“He taught me a bunch of things.  He always just told us not to be afraid, to go out there and just try it because if not, we are never going to learn and land the trick if we don’t go out and try it,” he said.

Family and friends hope anyone in the community can come forward with information about his death so they can have closure.

“If there’s any information out there at all, anything.  Any little thing that somebody might suspect, I mean some information is better than no information,” said friend, Sarah Nobles.

Organizes plan for more car washes Sunday, Feb. 17th at 10 a.m.  The first one will be held at Hageman and Coffee and the second in front of Garces High School.

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