Family and neighbors react to Ridgecrest shooting that left 2 dead and 3 injured

Family: Shooter, victims were friends

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Ridgecrest shooting spree that left a wake of destruction Friday began at an apartment complex on the 500 block of Atkins Street, where one victim was shot and killed and another was seriously injured.

The sister of one of the victims who happens to live next door said she heard several gun shots ring out in the early morning hours and called 911.

Sergio Munoz shot both Brittany Matheny and her boyfriend, Thaddeus Meier. Matheny was killed and Meier seriously injured, officials said.

"Sergio shot my brother and killed Brittany. I am in shock. Please pray for my brother and Brittany's family," said Dawn Meier. 

Another sister of the victim, Sarah Meier, spoke to 23ABC Saturday and confirmed that her brother was released from the hospital Saturday and is recovering. 

Neighbors say the suspect stayed on and off at the apartment where the shooting took place.

"I can hear from my bedroom window when cars pull up and I saw a black car pull up quietly and I knew something wasn't right. Then a few minutes later I heard gunshots. I could hear the 'chick chick' and bang," said one neighbor who did not want to be identified.

Blood could be seen throughout the apartment on the walls as well as the bathroom floor where the crime all began.

PHOTOS | 23ABC gets an inside look into Ridgecrest home where shooting took place:

Police towed a white Honda Civic from in front of the apartment complex that may have belonged to the suspect. A woman, identified by one neighbor to be the suspect's sister, attempted to keep the vehicle from being towed. 

A friend rushed over after hearing it to be Dawn Meier, and was relieved to discover that it was in fact not her who had been shot and killed.

"There was a lot of rumors of different stories and she was thought to be dead. And thank God that she wasn't," said Patty Chavez.

Another neighbor said that victim Brittany Matheny was pregnant. 

"I just want Brittany back and my heart pours out for her family," said Meier.    

Sarah Meier said that her brother Thaddeus and the suspect, Sergio Munoz, were best friends. 

"I've known Sergio for a long time and as long as I've known him he's a very wonderful guy, " said Sarah Meier. "I don't  know what has happened to him, you know, things happen when people use drugs." 

"He had lost his wife, he lost his job and he was blaming it on everybody that had ever used with him," Said Meier. "His whole plan was to kill all the people that he's ever used with because they were apart of him losing everything he had lost." 

Meier said the couple had used drugs with Munoz on a regular basis. She was told by her brother that Sergio's plan was to kill everyone who had used with him, because drugs had recently led him to a path of destruction. 

Authorities have not confirmed the names of the other two victims that were found in Munoz's trunk, but Meier said she believe that all five of them were friends. 

The Meier family hopes to hold a car wash to raise money for Matheny's funeral. 


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