Family, friends remember Bakersfield dad who was shot and killed inside a medical marijuana shop

Daniels was a security guard for First Reliable

BAKERSFIELD - There are candles and personal messages left in the front door of First Reliable by several people that knew Devin Daniels, 23, a security guard family members say had been working at the business for the past year.

Marquise Blackmon the mother of Daniels’ three children say he almost didn't make it to work Wednesday morning.

"He was supposed to call in, but then he just wanted to go to work.  He was really dedicated," she said.

Family members say Daniels had been working at First Reliable for a year.  They remember how excited he was to have a job so he can support his three young daughters.

"I love him and I'm being strong for him because that's what he would of wanted me to do, to take care of his girls and do what I needed to do.  I can just hear his voice now saying don't stress over me, do what you got to do.  You're here now and you have to take care of our girls. I'm still here," said Blackmon.

Daniels was an unarmed security guard who family members say was shot in the back of the head.  Aaron Burris and an unidentified woman came into the shop and robbed it.  The suspects then ran away with an undisclosed amount of marijuana and money before killing both workers.

"He was outgoing and everybody loved him because he was nice and if you needed something he was more willing to help you. He was just a good person that was outgoing and his focus was his kids," said mother, Bridget Daniels.

Daniels had just turned 23 years old and although his loved ones did have some concerns over the business, they still supported his line of work.

"My biggest thing is as long as you have a job regardless where it is, and you're taking care and supporting your children, it doesn't matter where you work at," she said.

While police continue their investigation, family members are praying officers can arrest those responsible.

"Whoever you are, if they haven't caught all of you, I pray that you were caught and you are dealt with because you should have never shot my son and took him from his family," said Daniels.

Right now family members are planning a community fundraiser for funeral services.

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