Family looking for ways to help keep pregnant pet alive

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - An east Bakersfield family is running out of options as they work to keep a pregnant cat alive. Loved ones are trying to get their beloved pet down from a two hundred foot tree.

Sarah Williams is hoping her cat, Gordy will come down soon.

“It’s devastating, she’s my little baby cat and I don’t want her to die.  And I know, that she’s an animal, but some people do love their animals,” said Williams.

You see Gordy ran up a two hundred-foot tree after being chased by a group of stray dogs.  The cat, Williams has had for two years is expecting kittens any day now.

“She was meowing really loud, she’s hungry and if she’s had the babies then she’s probably really hungry and now we’re going to have them dying up there, too,” said Williams.

The family has contacted several area organizations for help.  They have even tried the fire department, but officials say their hands are tied.

“I would have rather had her hit by a car and know that she was dead rather then know that she was up there dehydrating and dying for lack of food,” said Williams.

The front of the home is fenced in, and the family believes the dogs were able to push the door open.  Owners have used ladders to catch Gordy, but the tree is just too high to reach the cat.

“I’ve never dream my cat would get up in the tree from the dogs, but please if you have big dogs, keep them locked up, don’t let them run in packs what if that would have been a child out there,” she said.

Williams has put a tray of food out at the bottom of the tree hoping her beloved Gordy will find a way down.

“I’m going to have to look t the tree everyday, knowing that I couldn’t get up there, I mean oh my goodness,” she said.

Williams says she doesn’t have the financial resources to pay a company to get her cat safely down from that tree so she’s hoping someone in the community can help. 


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