Family members say BPD officers told them they had to leave

Tenants say their rights were violated


A Bakersfield family called 23 ABC after they say the Bakersfield Police Department told them they were being evicted from their home.

The family renting the home in question claimed they have a lease, a receipt for rent and keys, but were still forced to leave by BPD.

"(The officers said) we had to go," said Dametreous Duckett, who was evicted. "If we weren't out in 20 minutes, we would be in jail for trespassing."

Alicia Brooks said one of her roommates called her about the eviction.

"When I got here, the locksmith was already here," said Brooks. "I think he was done changing locks, and now the house is secure. We can't get in there but that's where we belong."

Brooks said her and her family moved in to the home on Camile Court just weeks ago after finding the rental advertisement on Craigslist.

They have a lease that was signed Oct. 26 and a rental receipt dated Oct. 28, but that didn't stop two police officers from telling them they had to leave their home.

"I gave them the rental agreement and the receipt, and they said they needed the address of who I got it from," said Duckett. "I gave them that. They ran (the information) and after a while, they said we still had to get out."

The family said the officers showed up before the alleged homeowners who were driving in from Oxnard.

"The so-called owners -- apparently, their word is better than ours because the officer didn't really show interest in how we were here or where we're going to go from here," said Brooks.

The family said police told them that the people who own the home were outside sitting in their car watching as the family moved all their belongings from inside to the front yard..

Family members said they had unexpected help moving out from the police officers.

"They picked up everything, threw it back and forth outside, trying to get us out," said Duckett.

The family said they think their rights were violated because there was no eviction notice or process.

"A 30 -day notice, a three-day notice, something -- we didn't get a notice," saud Duckett. "We are trying to find some help getting out of here, but we don't have anywhere to go right now. I don't know what to do."

23 ABC left messages for BPD to see if they commonly assist in rental evictions, but did not receive any calls back on Tuesday night.

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