Family of Erika Lango disputing over the Delano mother's memorial service

Husband bans several loved ones from funeral

DELANO, Calif. -  

Funeral services for Erika Lango, 26, the missing Delano woman are expected to be held this weekend, but many loved ones are upset they won’t be able to attend.

Lango’s body was found about three miles from where she lived.  The Delano mother went missing two months ago and now the husband doesn’t want her side of the family anywhere near the memorial.

It was the announcement Maria Guerrero and her family didn’t want to hear.

“At about 11:52 this morning, deputies responding to report of a body that had been located in the Friant canal,” said Ray Pruitt, spokesperson for the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

Lango was found dead inside a canal.  The mother of four went missing October 9th and led to a community-wide search.

“The first reaction is crying.  We have a lot of emotion,” said Guerrero.

Initially, detectives treated her husband, Julio Lango as a person of interest.  Family members say she had a restraining order against him.

“I was there when she was filling out a restraining order against her husband.  He had beaten her for not cleaning the house.  She was full of bruises,” said Guerrero.

Surveillance video from AM/PM in Delano shows Lango making a purchase.  She then left the business in the family car driven by her husband, Julio.  It was the last time she was ever seen.

23ABC knocked on Julio Lango’s house but the people inside didn’t want to speak to us.   According to Guerrero, he’s not allowing Erika’s side of the family to her funeral because he’s angry they accused him of murdering his wife.

“They don’t want to show to us, they want to close the funeral, but at least we know that in the funeral, it’s her body.”

Erika’s four children are now in the care of her husband’s parents.  She leaves behind many loved ones and several close friends.

“It’s hard. Sad. Every time I would see her, it was like, she was the one I can go to when I needed comfort.  When I needed somebody to be there for me, she was my best friend and now that I don’t have her, to talk to, or when I need somebody to talk to, it’s hard,” said friend, Dianna Torres.

Loved ones say she didn’t have any enemies and say Lango will be cremated on Saturday.  As for her death, investigators have not released any more information.


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