Family of six helped out of Kern County area mountains

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Law enforcment helped a family of six out of the mountains after they received a call that the family was lost.

On June 24, Kern County Sheriff's Search and Rescue was notified of a family that was lost in the mountains off of Rancheria Road about 20 miles east of Bakersfield.

Walter Sinsley and five of his family members, who were visiting from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, became lost while driving on trails off of Rancheria Road. They stopped and called 911 from a cell phone.

Air-5 and Volunteers from the Glennville Search and Rescue team responded to the area. Air-5 was able to find the family and landed just over half a mile from where the family had stopped. Crew members from Air-5 walked to the family and provided them with water and stayed with them until the Glennville Search and Rescue members arrived.

Members of Search and Rescue escorted the family back out of the mountains to Highway 178. None of the family members were injured and no one needed any medical attention. 

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