Family remembers Maria Rodriguez after being shot and killed by deputies


The correct identity of the woman shot by sheriff's deputies is Maria Rodriguez, 42, who was shot by three officers after pointing a bb gun at them.

Loved ones are still trying to piece things together.

"Its hard man, it's hard right now," said Rodriguez’s youngest son.

Rodriguez's youngest son can't fight back the tears.

"She had compassion for everybody.  She just had a lot of love for everybody," he said.

Family members say the mother and grandmother was walking home Sunday morning after leaving a restaurant on Union Avenue.

"She wouldn't even be able to catch a fly if she had the chance, what they got to do that to my mom, you know," he said.

Rodriguez was inside a commercial lot, a short cut from the restaurant to her home. 

Investigators say she was standing on  a pile of rocks, throwing them and yelling.  Deputies tried to talk her down, but she pointed a bb gun at officers and that's when they fired.

"We're taking it the best way that we can, honestly because we just had a passing of our grandfather, my grandfather, her dad," he said.

Family members obtained permission from property owners to gather at the site where Rodriguez was shot and killed.

"I have a lot of her clothes in her apartment, when I got home I started to smell them to get her scent," said son, Flex Rodriguez.

Loved ones held hands, praying on top of the rocks, remembering how much she meant to each of them, and hoping to make sense of what happened.

"I didn't even know she had a gun on her, honestly I didn't even know she had a bb gun.  Last that I knew she had a water gun.  She likes to play with all the grandchildren and all her nieces, my mom she's a kid at heart," he said.

The officers involved are on paid administrative leave.   

No funeral services have been arranged just yet for Rodriguez.


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