Family rescues pregnant cat from 200-foot-tall tree in East Bakersfield

Cat was reported stuck in tree for 3 days

BAKESFIELD, Calif. - A pregnant cat stuck in a 200-foot-tall tree was rescued by its family, Thursday morning. 

The family first contacted 23ABC on Wednesday because they were looking for someone to help them get the down from the tree. 

According to the cat's owner Sarah Williams, she had spoken to several local agencies for help, but was told their hands were tied up at the moment. 

The cat named Gordy had been stuck in the tree for 3 days before being rescued.

Williams believes Gordy ran up the tree after being chased by a group of stray dogs, earlier this week. 

The family had tried to rescue Gordy with food and water, but finally received help from neighbors.

Together they were able to set up a scaffolding and ladder to contact Gordy. After a few tries, the pregnant cat was finally rescued. 

During an interview with 23ABC, Gordy's water broke. We are trying to contact the family to see if the cat has delivered her kittens. 

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