Family says dog was nearly cut in half

The family of a 10-year-old blind Chihuahua said they found their dog almost cut in half late last week.

The Wilson family told 23ABC that they found the dog on Decatur Street on February 28.

Kenneth Wilson told 23ABC that they immediately called 911, but said law enforcement did not initially respond because the operator questioned if the dog was not possibly killed by another dog.

Wilson said they took the dead animal to Olive Drive Veterinarian Hospital to learn the exact cause and manner of death.

The veterinarian told 23 ABC that the animal had wounds that were consistent with a knife.

The animal was cut from shoulder blade to shoulder blade, another wound extended from the tail to the rib cage exposing the thoracic cavity continuing to the abdominal cavity exposing the organs, the veterinarian told 23ABC.

Wilson said the family remains in shock as to why someone would do this to such a helpless animal. The crime has popped up on social sites like Facebook and Twitter; concerning many other people in the community fearful for their own pets safety.

Officials with the Kern County Sheriff's Department have already begun their investigation into the attack on the dog.

Animal Control took the dog's body on Thursday after the incident.


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