Family takes safety precautions after hearing about sexual assault in Northwest Bakersfield

Sexual assault happened on Sept. 9th in garage

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Since the reports of a serial rapist and sexual assaults happening not far from their home, 19-year old Courtney White and her dad have taken serious precautions to protect themselves and their home. 

"It is only me and him. When he is at work, I am kind of home by myself so he wants to take those extra steps to make sure I am safe at home," said Courtney.

Because of that her father, Pauly White, has put extra locks, chains and sensors on the doors. He also gave his daughter a hand gun that she can have in her room and trained her how to properly use it. This all in hopes that it will protect her if there was an intruder in their home. 

"We talk about safety every other day, and we try to go over and over it," said Courtney. 

In the most recent crime, a man broke into a woman's garage and sexually assaulted her in it. Because of this, the doors in White's garage are now secured with a sensor. 

"When they open the door, they hear the alarm... just gives them that extra awareness and makes them want to leave," explained Courtney. 

Since it takes an average garage door about 16 seconds to close, it is extra important to make sure your garage is secured. 

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