Farmers, growers at World Ag Expo concerned about drought, jobs, livelihood

TULARE, Calif. - Thursday is the last day of the World Ag Expo in Tulare where 100,000 visitors came to see the latest in farming innovations.

But the biggest question on everyone's mind is how the drought is going to affect the future of the farming industry in California.

As California faces the worst drought in decades, the Central Valley is once again ground zero for water supply shortages and economic impacts.

The expo hosted two water forums Thursday afternoon. The first, city officials and farmers had a discussion about their concerns and challenges.

The second, included a high level policy and technical representatives from state and federal government as well as water agency managers. They discussed and answered questions from attendees.

Most farmers in attendance are concerned how the present drought will affect them with diminished and ground water supply.

Growers and water managers want legislators to look to the future and make policy changes now that could affect the present drought, but more importantly down the road. They say California will face dry condition in the future and policy changes now will mitigate the future problem.


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