Farmers markets grow Bakersfield culture, economy

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Farmers and shoppers come together frequently in Bakersfield's farmers' markets, but one southwest market has grown a culture.

Food is more than nourishment; it has become society's opportunity to bond, discover similarities and respect diversity.

The Haggin Oaks Farmers' Market has only been around for a year and a half. This market is different in the fresh variety.

Josie Abey and her two daughters are one of the vendors with fresh produce and seafood. They bring it straight from the sea and Los Angeles fish markets.

"We catch everything Thursday and Friday and it's in the farmers' market on Saturday and Sunday," Abey said.

Local businesses are taking advantage of the growing community. Jaclyn Allen, farmers' market manager urges the community to come out and support the local economy. Small-business Saturday is between Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday shopping days.

"It's a culture, a place to come on Sundays," said Allen. "With such competition out there, remember families are involved in these businesses and the community."

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