Fence vandalism along Bakersfield canal raises many concern

Water district has invested in cameras


Residents who live alongside an irrigation canal in south Bakersfield, contacted 23ABC because they were frustrated that the water district was ignoring their concerns.

Residents said the fences along the canal were in constant disrepair, however, the Kern Delta water district said they constantly deal with vandalism along the irrigation canal that runs parallel with M Street between Southgate Drive and Ming Avenue.

They spend thousands of dollars per year repairing and replacing fences. The water district said people vandalize their fences to gain access to pass through the canal.

Residents said because of the open access, people vandalize their fences to gain access through their property. Some residents said they have to continually deal with the threat of property theft because of the open access.

The water districts said it's a constant battle to repair the fences, because once it is repaired or replaced the vandalism continues.

In order to fight the problem, the water district has invested in video surveillance. The video cameras have not been affective because those have also been stolen. 


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