Few lost pets in Kern County are reunited with owners

BAKERSFIELD - Kern County Animal Services is working hard to get as many pets as possible returned to their owners.

They have made progress in the last year on lowering the euthanasia rate and on raising the adoption rate.

But one area that still needs work is the percentage of animals that have owners and come into the shelter but never return to their owners.

Animal Services says right now only about 3 to 5 percent of lost animals that come to the shelter are returned to their owners.

That doesn't mean the rest are put to sleep. Some are adopted out and others are rescued.

Animal Services officials say many times owners don't think to check the local shelters immediately after their pet goes missing.

They say that should be the first thing a pet owner checks after realizing their pet is gone but often times people wait days before checking the shelters.

Animal Services says no matter where your animal went missing from you should still check all three shelters: City of Bakersfield, Kern County Animal Services and the SPCA.

Animal Services says pet owners can increase the likelihood of getting their pet back by micro chipping their pet which is free for people who live in the unincorporated areas of the county.


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