Fighting graffiti with Facebook

Using social media to report vandalism


Graffiti is a decades old problem in Bakersfield, but the city can't tackle the issue alone.

That’s why the Bakersfield Police Department is trying to use social media to get the word out and fight the problem.

The Stop Graffiti Facebook page was created in 2009 and the police department wants people to use it more to report graffiti.

"Facebook is something everyone has. Most people have it and use it every day. Facebook will allow us to get information out to the public and also receive feedback from people who maybe don't want to call the department or make a report but they do have potential leads to graffiti vandals,” said Matt Tramel with the Bakersfield Police Department.

Officer Tramel is one of two officers dedicated to fighting graffiti in the city. Tramel told 23 ABC they’ve made a lot of progress. In 2012 there were 63 arrests and over $100,000 in restitution collected.

But, you can still find graffiti throughout the city and gang graffiti is becoming a bigger problem because tagging crews are transferring into larger gangs.

The Bakersfield Police Department needs the community to keep reporting graffiti and also raise awareness about turning graffiti into something beautiful.

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