Fire department says calls where people refuse to start CPR are more common than you might think

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The fire department oversees both the dispatcher and the fire fighters who responded to this call.

Fire fighters say they respond to several calls like this week.

And many times they say CPR has not been started.

“We need to get CPR started that’s not enough ok yeah we can’t do CPR then hand the phone to the passerby'

"It’s not uncommon for them to try and give instructions over the phone it’s refused or it people may be a little squeamish"

And that was the case last Tuesday when 87-year-old Lorraine Bayless collapsed at Glenwood gardens.

Bakersfield fire says if the nurse had started CPR both her and the facility would have been covered by EMS because they accept liability on these kinds of calls.

"They do it through a cars system and those dispatchers are trained through that card system where emergency medical services will accept that liability at that time"

"He is saying we don't so you can talk to my boss they are refusing CPR they are going to let her die"

Fire officials say they also checked Bayless' file and found there was not a do not resuscitate order on file.

"The captain will ask for all medical paperwork he will give that also to the ambulance and he's able to check for a do not resuscitate  order whether that person is to be resuscitated or not then if there is no do not resuscitate order they will commence with CPR"

"We are going to let this lady die? Well that’s why we are calling 911. We can’t wait"

Galagaza says if you or a family member has a DNR it’s important to keep it handy because emergency responders must be able to see the paperwork otherwise they will start CPR.

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