Fire officials warn about fire season, give helpful tips at wildfire prevention expo

California fire officials say there is cause for concern as there have already been more than 1,000 wildland fires across the state -- for that reason the County Fire Department, rangers from the Los Padres National Forest, and members of the local Red Cross Chapter held a special expo on wildfire prevention. 

"Every fire starts small and usually they're human-caused, or a cause that could have been prevented," said Kern County Fire Chief, Brian Marshall.

"So what we wanted to do is educate the citizens on what they can do to prevent these wildland fires, because when they do occur, we all pay for them." 

Fire officials say there are many ways to prevent and reduce the risk of sparking new fires. 

They suggest to clean out your rain gutters, keep woodpiles indoors, and choose drought-tolerable landscaping. 

"It takes the efforts of the firefighters, but it also takes the efforts of the communities to ensure they have the hazard reduction," Marshall said. 


WATCH reporter John Genovese for more on the interview with Chief Marshall. 


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