Firefighters say to prepare for earthquakes; residents recall 1952

Lost Hills quake alarms Bakersfield residents

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A small earthquake rocked northern Kern County Thursday night. Experts say the 4.0 magnitude quake hit just before midnight in the Lost Hills area.

"Prepare and establish with the family an earthquake readiness plan. Where to go  in the house, where to go when you're outside, where to go when you're driving," said Bakersfield Fire Chief Anthony Galagaza.

It's important to always be ready for an earthquake, because U.S. Geological Survey scientists say they have no way of predicting when the next big quake could happen in the future.

"Have a disaster kit prepared already. You want at least three days of canned food. A gallon of water per day per person for at least three days," said Galagaza.

Bakersfield natives remember the major earthquake of 1952 that killed 12 people, and injured 18.

"Heard the noise coming from the south, and could actually see a wave coming across the field," said Rob Miller.

"Tore down quite a few buildings, rippled up the streets- I remembered they had to take the old train track down and move the watch tower," said Paul Tillett.

Firefighters say minor quakes do happen often in Kern County, and if you feel one, make sure you drop, cover, and hold.

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