Fitness, diet and sleep can help reduce stress during the holiday season


The holiday season is a busy time for not only retail stores, but also the many shoppers on the hunt for that perfect gift.

The balance between work, money and heavy mall traffic can cause just about anyone to stress, but managing time and budgets can assure a bright and merry holiday.

So much to do and with the Christmas holiday just around the corner time is running out.

“It’s hard to find the right gift for the right person.  There are too many options for one person or that one person already has what they need. It’s hard finding the need over the want,” said shoppers, James and Ashley Fordham.

The holidays can be a stressful time with buying gifts, baking cookies, decorating the house and making last minute travel arrangements.

“There’s an expectation for everyone to be happy during the holidays and the truth is most people are not as happy as they would like to be,” said Dr. Dean Haddock of Bakersfield.

Experts say the biggest source of holiday stress is family and dealing with dinners, obligations, office parties and family traditions can sometimes be a trigger for even more serious problems.

“Know your limits because what happens and I see this with so many people, they work hard, they work extra hours and they go out shopping in the evening, they wrap gifts all night and then they wonder why they are tired.  Know your limits,” said Haddock.

Relieving stress is easy.  Experts say manage expectations, stick to a regular diet and sleep schedule.  Going to the gym on a regular basis can also decrease stress while improving your health.

“Believe or not, I have a list that I kind of have in my head, probably be the last two days right before Christmas and I’m going to go hit and hit it hard,” said shopper, Eric Deering.

Some people say shopping online does help relieve some of that added stress during the holidays.


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