Food stamp cuts impact over 4 million Californians

Food stamp cuts impact Californians

Today over 4 million Californians will see cuts in their food stamps benefits, because a boost in the 2009 stimulus package is ending.
Thousands of families in Kern County will be affected by the cuts in funding. 
The state of California is cutting over 450 million dollars in food stamps benefits. This means, an average family of four will get 36 dollars less, per month.
"Many of the pantry locations, they've had to reduce the amount of days they distribute food, due to their budgets- they don't have enough food to distribute," said Community Action Partnership of Kern's Marco Paredes.
People living in east Bakersfield say neighbors are not going to take the cuts lightly.
"The majority of people in my neighborhood in the east side of Bakersfield, they get food stamps, and the cut would anger a lot of people," said Kennith Pearson.
Bakersfield is ranked as the second hungriest city in the nation, with over 100,000 families enrolled in some kind of food assistance program.
Food bank distributors also add, of all the food that's produced here, only 2 percent of it stays within Kern County.
If your family needs assistance with food, and you have a child that is under five years old or a mother that is pregnant or nursing, apply for WIC benefits at 327-3074.
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