Foods Co murder suspect scheduled to be sentenced Thursday

One man reportedly involved will be sentenced

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - One of the suspects involved in the robbery and subsequent murder of an elderly woman outside a grocery store is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday morning.

Maxamillon McDonald, the alleged getaway driver, is convicted of first-degree murder and could face 35 years to life in prison.

Last August McDonald's two accomplices reportedly ripped a gold necklace off 72-year-old Guadalupe Ramos' neck and the elderly woman died after falling during the crime.

Prosecutors say McDonald has had practice at this crime.

The night before McDonald allegedly attacked a 49-year-old woman in the exact same way outside a Food Maxx off Ming Avenue.

The East Side Crips gang member is scheduled to be sentenced at 8:30am Thursday morning.

The other two suspects are still in trial.



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