Foothill high school conducts lockdown and evacuation drills in light of school shootings

School conducts lockdown drill

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Lockdown drills have become one of the most practiced drills at schools statewide.

Monday, it was Foothill high school's turn.

Foothill high school conducts a couple lock down drills each semester and even though they were not scheduled to have to one Monday, they moved it up in light of the recent school shootings.

School officials say there are two reasons for the drill.

One reason is preparation.

"It's going to help us prepare because at least we'll know what we have to do," said student Marina Franco.

The other reason is comfort.

"I hope it lets (students and parents) know the Kern High School District is really concerned about student safety. That's one of our number one priorities," said Foothill high school principal Brenda Lewis.

Students say mission accomplished.

"It makes me feel safer because at least I know my school is wanting to protect us and my school is wanting to at least take a little care into us to teach the students what they are supposed to be doing,"  said Franco.

Parents applaud the effort.

"I feel good and have more confidence knowing they are practicing to make sure everyone's safe," said parent Elisa Garcia.

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