Forest Service says trash is an increasing problem along Kern River, asks you to clean up

Last year $48k spent on trash pickup

KERNVILLE, Calif. - The Kern River is a great place to spend a day or even a weekend if you like camping, but the Forest Service wants you to do your part in keeping it clean when you go.

The Forest Service said too many people have been leaving their trash when visiting the parks and campgrounds and the costs of keeping it clean are adding up.

According to Forest Protection Officer Keli Stafford, trash left by campers on trees is a common sight. Officers like Stafford then have to clean it up. 

Just last year, the Kern River Ranger District spent $48,000 for trash pickup.

"When you are talking about trash that is left outside the dumpsters, that really adds a whole lot costs, time, effort and man power to collect it," said Cody Norris of the Kern River Ranger's District. 

While they invite you to come enjoy the beautiful Kern River, they ask you to do what they call 'Pack it in, Pack it Out' and bring in trash bags and take your trash to a dumpster or home for proper disposal.

"Whatever you pack in to your campsite, you need to make sure you take it all out with you," said Stafford. 

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