Foster dogs used in high school musical

Shelter dogs guest star in production at East High

BAKERSFIELD Calif. - Some dogs from the Kern County Animal Shelter are guest starring in a high school musical at East Bakersfield High School.


Paisley and Bruiser, from the shelter's foster program are in the school's production of Legally Blonde.


"One of the students came up with the idea to involve some dogs from the Mt. Vernon animal shelter," said Jenna Odlin, drama teacher.


The students are using the production to send a message to the community.


"Shelter dogs aren't bad, they are trainable and lovable," said April Toelle, student.


Last year the animal shelter took in more than 32,000 animals. Shelter officials said the foster program helps save lives.


"It's a great program. It's a great way to extend our facility beyond our gates into people’s homes, so we can hold those animals until we can find them a forever home," said Nick Cullen at the K.C. Animal Shelter.


Form the shelter to center stage, the students wanted to showcase the dogs in the play to raise awareness about the need for the animals in the shelter.


"These poor dogs get pulled in from the streets and people forget about them because they are in the shelter," said Emily Punt, student.


The students hope to find a loving home to adopt Paisley; also they want families to be aware that animals in the shelter could be euthanized if nobody adopts them.


"Typically when you use a dog in a play, you use someone's dog that is in the play. But I thought those animals already have a home, they're already loved and cared for," said Toelle.


For more information about prices and show times for Legally Blonde, call East Bakersfield High at 661-871-7221 ext. 213.


Anyone interested in fostering an animal can contact the Kern County Animal Shelter through the website;, or call 661-868-7131.


Shelter officials want to remind the community that they microchip dogs and cats at no cost.

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