Founders trying to save Savage Radio, the non-profit community radio station

Only station to feature local musicians

BAKERSFIELD - Way down on 89.7 FM is a unique radio station that showcases the community and brings people "back" to radio.

KSVG Kern Community Radio--Savage Radio--is in trouble.

Savage Radio offers original programming such as iBike Radio, The Earl Parson's Project and Chris the Sound Guy. They tout being the only station to give local musicians air time.

Mounting costs and a non-profit business model have created a financial problem for the station. Savage Radio will lose their tower if the money is not raised.

Founder Jake Chavez admits some of the problems are their fault. Chavez cites lack of experience in sales. He pledged a revamped sales team should the station survive. 

Through dedicated fundraising, Savage Radio has raised about $6,000 of the $20,000 needed.

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