Four of six Rosamond Community Service Distrcit board directors face recall petition

ROSAMOND, Calif. - A petition has been started to recall four of six Rosamond Community Service District board directors, according to Rosamond News.

Kern County Elections Office has received and accepted the paperwork for the intent to recall water board directors Greg Wood, Byron Glennan, Kathy Spoor and Rick Webb.

Each notice was signed by ten registered voters living within the district and published in the news for one week.

Rosamond community members now have 90 days to collect 1750 signatures from registered voters within the water board boundaries to put the recall measure on the ballot for a public vote.

1750 signatures represents 25% of the registered voters in the community services district.

Rosamond Community Services District funds will pay for the costs of the public vote.

According to Rosamond News, many were unsatisfied with the water board directors for what they said were fee and water rate increases, public service problems and budget issues.

According to Roasmond News, Rosamond's Recall Committee said it will have little difficulty in getting the required number of registered voter signatures. They hope new directors and possibly a new general manager can manage the district to lower costs for water, sewer and lighting services.

In 1966 the citizens of Rosamond voted to create the Rosamond Community Services District for the purpose of providing water for domestic, irrigation and fire flow use, collection and treatment of waste and storm waters and for the maintenance of street lights. In 1998 the voters added two additional powers, graffiti abatement and parks and recreation to those originally approved in 1966. 

In 2007, the Board of the RCSD founded the Rosamond Foundation, a non-profit organization, to support the Parks and Recreation Departments goals of developing and maintaining community programs and facilities.

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