Framework outlines provisions and requirements illegal immigrants must fulfill to gain citizenship

Local illegal immigrants excited

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Compared to other illegal immigrants, the path to citizenship is actually *easier* for local farm workers because of the role they play in providing Americas' food source.

"Everybody realizes the agriculture industry needs professional skilled workers to do the job and so many other jobs depend on that that they're going to make every effort possible to ensure agriculture workers are protected and get path to citizenship ," said United Farm workers President Arturo Rodriguez.
The bipartisan framework for comprehensive immigration reform would create a separate guest worker program for jobs Americans are either unable or unwilling to fill.

Rodriguez said the plan could dramatically change the lives of Kern county immigrants.

"Immigrant farm workers that are here are going to be extremely excited because they can really build their own lives. They can bring their families here, they can make sure they're not worried about someone being deported-- the mother, the father the children," said Rodriguez.

Illegal immigrants who came here as children will also have specialized provisions--similar to the Dream Act--and most likely require them to attend college or join the military.

Also, immigrants who earn Ph.D.'s or masters degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics from American universities  would be given green cards upon graduation.

"I think that's great. I think senators have recognized immigrants from various education backgrounds have the ability to contribute so much to this economy and this country," said immigrant student Lorena Lara.

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