Freeway litter pick-up program

6 workers from homeless shelter started today

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Bakersfield freeways are a little cleaner thanks to a new program that kicked-off today.

Mayor Harvey Hall congratulated six residents of the Bakersfield Homeless Center who joined the work force today.

They began picking up the litter that is thrown up and down our local roadways.

Mayor Hall said he hopes everyone in our community will follow suit.

"Litter has been so ugly, you know several years ago, we adopted the slogan 'Litter is Beneath Us' in hopes that we could expand off of that community pride and people would stop littering," said Mayor Hall.  "Well it hasn't happened, so now that if we clean it up, hopefully they'll see us cleaning it up and they will not litter our local freeways."

Mayor Hall said they are still hiring more workers and they hope to have three crew of six very soon.

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