Freezing temperatures create dangers for your home, plants and pets

Overnight lows dropping below freezing this week

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - With overnight lows dropping below freezing for the first time this fall, experts want to remind everyone to protect pipes, plants and pets.

"When pipes freeze, there can be extensive damage to the house," David Aranda, general manager for North of the River Municipal Water District, said.


Plumber Stephen Williford with Hometown Plumbing suggests draining pipes before a storm arrives. But if the plastic valve breaks, it can cost up to $200 to repair.


"if you can drain the pipe down and get the water out of it before the freeze comes it will save you a lot of money and flooding," Williford said.


As for your plants, covering them with a blanket or sheet can protect them from dying overnight.


"Don't cover them with plastic because the frost goes right through the plastic," Jere White, manager at White Florist, said.


Last, but not least, your pets also need protection from chilly nights. Shyanne Schull, Director at Kern County Animal Services, suggests keeping pets indoors.


"The ideal situation would be to put your pets indoors. You can crate them at night or hang out loose in the house, or even bring them into a garage or a controlled area like a laundry room or something to keep them warm and safe at night," Schull said.


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