Friends scrambling to help dying former corrections officer with classic car restoration

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Progress continues tonight on a special project for a former Wasco State Prison correction officer who is battling for his life.

Friends of Henoc Zamudio are close to finishing what he calls his dream car.

Matt Coble is on a mission to help restore this old classic 49 Chevy Deluxe.

"We completely stripped the old front suspension out over there on the slab and changed it all to all modern steering, brakes, all this was added on," he said.

Restoring cars is a hobby he shares with fellow friend, Zamudio.  The former correctional officer from Waso State Prison who was recently diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer.

"Me and him, talked about this car ever since he got it so when we got the news, it was of the up most urgency to get it done because he's never driven it, he's never done anything, he bought it as a project, for something to build on the side," said Coble.

Friends are working together to finish the car.  They're using parts donated from several people around the community.  They want Zamudio to be to ride it down the road when it’s all complete.  

How to help in the restoration

"It is going to have that nostalgic drop on it so it’s going to be a little big off the ground but not too much, it’s not going to scrap anything but it will have the rocky ability look that Henoc is looking for," said friend, Billy Delamar.

The vehicle is a symbol of love and friendship, they all share with Zamudio.

"It’s bad when you get news like this but we know It’s going to be passed down to his family so if we can get pictures of him, with the family and the car driving the car, the kids will always remember that," said Delamar.


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