"Friends of Kern County" suspends spay/neuter program due to limited funds

If you walk through Kern County Animal Services on any given day, you'll be greeted by hundreds of wonderful and loving animals who are brought in as unwanted or stray.
Kern County Animal Services Director, Shyanne Schull, says it's a familiar scene, especially right now as it's baby season.
In 2013 alone, Schull said residents dropped off roughly 13 thousand puppies and kittens.
Because most of them are too young, ill, or without their mothers, many of them have to be euthanized. It's a necessary evil that nobody wants to do, however Schull says their options are sometimes limited.
That's where Judi Duannell and the "Friends of Kern County Foundation" comes in to help.
The foundation has been running a spay and neuter voucher program to help residents pay for their animals to get fixed.
The program helped get 900 animals fixed last year, thus lowering our overpopulation and euthanasia rate.
However, with funds being low, the Foundation had to suspend their program in March.
"Since we stopped, I have over a hundred email requests right now. That's not for single animals. Some of those are for two dogs, two cats," continued Duannell.
The Foundation is now turning to the community to help. They're asking for donations of any size and are preparing for their their annual fundraiser called "Applause for Paws."  
For more information on the comedy event fundraiser and other ways to help donate, go to their website at:  http://www.friendsofkernshelters.org/
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