Friends remember CHP Officer Denny Drummond

999 Foundation sets up memorial fund

BAKERSFIELD - CHP Officer Denny Drummond was very active member of our community and a friend who worked close with him for years sat down with 23 ABC to remember this fallen officer.

Drummond was a board member of the 999 Foundation giving much of his time to helping families of fallen officers the same support his own loved ones now need.

Billy Owens says his good friend CHP Officer Denny Drummond had a big heart.

"If I had to sum up Denny Drummond I'd say, number one he was a soldier serving his country and number two he was a CHP officer for 15 years here locally and he was a family man.  He enjoyed his family and his music and an all around great guy," he said.

Owens knew Drummond for years and still can't believe he's gone.

"The family along with the local law enforcement community are still in a period of shock," he said.

Officer Drummond was an active board member of the 999 Foundation, a group helping families of Kern County peace officers who have died in the line of duty since 2007.

"It's a loss, you know Denny brought a lot to the table with his involvement with the CHP and their non-profits so, it's going to be a tragic loss for the 999 Foundation," said Owens.

But Drummond wasn't just an officer -- he was also a fighter.  His friends say he was battling cancer like a true soldier.   He spent a lot of time with his family and was even a role model to many young people in the community.

"He was very involved in coaching football and if you go to his Facebook page you'll see some of his comments from not just people he coached with but students that he coached and an impact he made on their lives," he said.

Owens and the other members of the 999 foundation plan to give as much comfort and assistance as needed to the Drummond family. 

"They're trying to adjust to a tragic lost and they realized not just to them but to the law enforcement community in Kern County as a whole and also with the board members of the 999 Foundation," he said.

A memorial for Officer Drummond has been set up at:


Denny Drummond Fund

Account # 121629

Mail to: CAHP Credit Union

P.O. Box 276507

Sacramento, CA 95827

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