Friends remember teen who died while riding an ATV Friday afternoon.


A Bakersfield family is mourning after the death of a teen on an ATV over the weekend.

Brenton Miller, 18, died when the ATV he was riding slid into the middle of Panama Lane late Friday afternoon.

He had gone to the area near Enos Lane to ride with friends.

23ABC spoke to one of the friends who was with him at the time of the accident.

Cody Norman, 18, was friends with Miller. Both were seniors at Bakersfield High School.

Norman says he wanted to go riding Friday afternoon, but he knew it was dangerous to go alone so he asked Miller to go with him.

"Friday, Brenton and I went out riding. It was just going to be me and him," Norman said.

Soon they were joined by more friends who had ATVs.

Norman says Miller was riding one of the ATVs on a trail that crosses Panama Lane.

"He just locked up the brakes and he skidded into the road," Norman said.

Miller collided with an SUV on Panama.

"It really wasn't anybody's fault. The driver tried to veer in the best direction he thought," Norman said.

Norman says he was on a separate trail and didn't see the accident, but rushed to Miller’s side as soon as heard what had happened.

"We ran over there and Brenton was on the ground and then I stayed with him until the ambulance got there," Norman said.

A nurse who happened to be driving by stopped and also helped Miller until the ambulance arrived.

Miller was rushed to KMC, where he was pronounced dead.

"He was a great guy; he loved everybody. He didn't really care what people thought of him," Norman said.

The high school provided grief counselors to help students deal with the death, but Norman says Miller wouldn’t want anyone to be sad for him.

"He would never want people to be sad over it. He would want everybody to be happy that he got to make them happy while he was alive," Norman said.

Miller’s memorial will be at 1 p.m. on Saturday at Greenlawn Mortuary on Panorama Drive.

His family says it is open to all of his friends.

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