Frog from Green Frog Market removed

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - On Tuesday, the infamous frog from Green Frog Market was removed from its home on Altavista Drive.

Back in the Green Frog Market's early days, two dozen lemons cost 29 cents and sirloin steak was 18 cents per pound. 

Customers at the market Sunday might have thought they had returned to those prices as the shelves were quickly becoming bare. The shelves were empty as the current owners prepared to close the doors for good.

"I could cry," said Ruby Jones, a former Green From Market employee. "Charlie (Everett), he was really a good man. He was good hearted. As long as you worked you were fine. But you had to work."

Charlie Everett owned the Green Frog until 1988 when he passed away. His family kept the store open, but now the industry has changed. They accepted an offer to buy the business and the doors closed for good at 8 p.m. on Sunday.

"It was one of those opportunities that as a businessman that you look at and you say 'is this the best opportunity to move forward in a different location?' This was one of those times for us," said Scott Hair, president of Green Frog Markets.

But for the Green Frog's longtime customers, moving on won't be easy. 

"This was the heart and soul I think of this community because it has been here for so long," said Linda Buck, a customer at the market.

The current owners appreciate the loyalty they have been shown. 

"We look back on all the things that we have done here," Hair said. "All the opportunities that we have had, we look back with fondness and are very appreciative of the community and the way that they have taken care of us and the loyalty of our customers."

Ruby Jones started working at the market back in the 1950's. She remembers being nervous when she started, but her nerves were quickly settled.

"I didn't know anybody," Jones said. "But Roy Vibey who is deceased now, our produce man, and Inez Morris who was the first checker and they really made me feel at home, both of them did."

Former employees and loyal customers gathered Sunday at the store to share memories. 

The spot where the market stands, on Alta Vista Drive and Bernard Street is now set to became a Dollar General.

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