From weddings to new borns people are celebrating 12-12-12 in different ways

12-12-12 has many people talking

BAKERSFIELD - If you haven't looked on a calendar it's December 12th 2012.

For many people it’s just another day, but the number combination of 12-12-12 is steering up interested among some people around Bakersfield.

If you're on any type of social media site then you already know its 12-12-12 because most of your online friends have probably reminded you several times.  The date is getting a lot of attention so much that people plan their own weddings around it.

Matthew Sotelo and his finance have been planning their wedding day for months.

"To me, it's just another day, but to my finance they'll never be another 12-12-12 ever, something about that date just stuck out," she said.

Sotelo's bride set the wedding date long before the couple even met she wanted a 12-12-12 wedding since she was a little girl.

"You know what, every guy at work that's been their response.  Well at least you won't forget it, I’ll tell you what if I end up forgetting this then I’m really in trouble," said Sotelo.

Wedding chapels have been busy signing couples up for their big day.  Rev. Albert Haywood has performed more than 4,000 weddings in the past 33 years.

"Interestingly enough on 7-7-7 I had 7 weddings that started at 10am and ended up in the great northwest at 7:30 in the evening," said Haywood.

Hospitals have been busy, too but nothing out of the ordinary.  Baby Sawyer was born at 6:03 a.m. just a few days earlier than expected.

"My birthday was three days ago.  So, we were shooting for 12/9 but we missed it.  We thought 12/12/12 will be okay and it just happened to workout.  Our due date was actually the 15th so we were a little early," said Brian Krause, father of Sawyer.

Mom and dad say it’s a lucky day for the family and one day they can probably play the lotto using their son's birthday.

"It's just a fun day, if it was 12-12-13 it wouldn't be the same but it’s fun to have and he'll remember this for the rest of his life," said Krause.

Bakersfield City Councilwoman Jacquie Sullivan says she'll always remember this day for one reason.

"It's my birthday, yeah," she said.

On this day, Sullivan planned to jump out of a plane, but as luck would have it engine problems caused her to cancel her special birthday gift.

"I enjoy everyone's birthday and always had fun with mine and today is a fun day," she said.

Councilwoman Sullivan does plan to re-schedule her jump out of a plane, but not anytime soon.

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